Lymphatic Drainage Benefits For The Face Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits For The Face Massage

There’s a difference between a good facial and a great one! A great facial like Lymphatic drainage can help reduce expression lines, relax facial muscles, and detox your entire body.

The benefit of this massage goes way beyond having an hour of relaxing spa massage. It is a powerful way to help flush toxins, reduce puffiness and inflammation, deliver oxygen around the skin, and rejuvenate the face. It’s like a gym workout, but for the face and celebrities like Meghan Markle, Hailey Biebs, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez are known to regularly get the lymphatic facial treatment. So, what’s the fuss about this procedure? Let’s start with a quick biology lesson.

What’s a Lymphatic System?

Your immune system has a lymphatic system. It is a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, and these nodes drain the lymph to be transported to your bloodstream. It carries white blood cells, removes bodily waste, and helps prevent infection. Many people go through Lymphatic drainage to treat skin irritation, puffy and dull complexion. It’s a nonsurgical facelift that is helpful for conditions such as digestive disorders, reducing fine lines, acne, eye bags, wrinkles, and eczema.

How’s It Done?

This facial is done by a professional and trained aesthetician in lymphatic drainage treatment. There are few Spas in San Diego that offer this type of treatment.

The aesthetician starts this facial by applying light pressure and gentle movements on the face ranging from rubbing to tapping to pushing and stroking. Next, they lay their hands flat on your face and, using their fingers, gently stretch your face in the direction of the lymphatic flow. This movement encourages drainage. However, most Spas in San Diego may prefer to use a different brushing movement.

Can I do it myself?

If you are not certain getting a lymphatic facial is for you, you can perform a simple version of the process at home. Repeat the process every day or just once or twice a week, and if you can’t seem to get the right movement, you can seek the help of a trained aesthetician if you reside in San Diego.

Professional Vs. Home treatment

Even though there are several how-to videos on YouTube, it’s advised that you get this facial done by a trained professional to ensure that the right technique is used.

Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage for The Face

Lymphatic drainage on the face does not only improve blood flow; it evens out the skin tone and gives a natural and healthy glow. Other benefits include.

  • Reduce Puffiness and Swelling

If you are experiencing swelling or puffiness under your eyes, neck, or the rest of your face, a lymphatic detoxify facial can help smooth and reduce the swelling.

  • Lifts Sagging Facial Contours

This facial treatment smooths the face muscles and the underlying structures of the face. Many celebrities choose this treatment because it minimizes wrinkles, fine lines and helps lift sagging facial contours.

  • Improve Detoxification

A lymphatic facial massage increases circulation, drain fluids, and detoxes your complexion. By undergoing a lymphatic facial, the fluids in your tissues are moved out into your lymph nodes, where viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed.

  • Reduction Of Scar Tissue

A lymphatic massage can help reduce new scar tissue by clearing any system blockages, supporting cell regeneration, and actively encouraging increased circulation to the area.

  • Boost Immune System

As an added benefit, your immune system is boosted when you undergo a lymphatic facial. Most people experience impaired lymph drainage; that is, the flow is insufficient or obstructed. This often results in swelling of the affected area, which in turn irritates the skin. This treatment can help create a functioning immune system.

Lymphatic drainage has lots of beauty benefits like treating swelling, acnes, and issues with the lymphatic system. It lives up to the hype of being a non-surgical facelift with great results, plus it is generally safe.

When Can You Expect to See Results?

Considering that the treatment is on the lymphatic system, results can be seen immediately after the treatment or in the days that follow. It is advised that breathing exercises should be done during and fast the treatment to help with the lymphatic drainage.

How Much and Who?

If you are looking to see a professional rather than doing the treatment yourself, you should ask questions about the experience of your aesthetician and if they are certified in manual lymph drainage (MLD). Look at before and after pictures of their past clients and read about their experiences. If you reside in San Diego, you should visit SKINBAR BY JANE, she does manual lymph drainage and other new skincare innovations.

The price of the treatment depends on the spa and the professional carrying out the massage.

In conclusion, lymphatic drainage facials go beyond giving you a radiant complexion; it acts as a face workout. It releases endorphins, boosts oxygen flow, and strengthens your facial muscles. After undergoing lymphatic drainage, you’ll look amazing and feel amazing.

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